Recently we undertook a project for Virgin Atlantic and Tobago Tourism. Seeing as there was no Google streetview in Tobago, the concept was to encourage people to help put Tobago “on the map” Bob would shoot various different areas of natural beauty which would appeal to international travellers and which would probably not be shot by the Google Streetview cars should they eventually decide to cover the rest of the island. Agile Films were there to shoot an advert at the same time and the whole thing was brought together by Adam&EveDBB

You can view the final Advert here:

Below is a very small selection of the 360º images:
(please visit Tobabgo on Google Maps and drag and drop Pegman to see these and many more beautiful locations in Tobago and the characters that call them home)
Parletuvier Bay

Glasgow Bar

Lovers Bay

Gilpin Trail


Glamorgan Community Centre