Payment Terms: Please note that in order to secure your booking date, we require a  50 % deposit. The full balance is then due on or before the shoot date and before Publication. Unfortunately we cannot publish any photography before full payment is made. All invoices are subject to The Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2013.

Cancellation or rescheduling: If you wish to rearrange your shoot date please call and give at least 48 hours notice, please note the ‘Payment Timeout’ clause will be applicable from the original scheduled shoot date. For full cancellation please give at least 48 hours notice in writing by post, or email. Deposits are partly refundable however the following charges apply:

If cancelled

More than 60 days prior to the shoot date – 10%.

If 30 – 60 days – 20%.

If less than 30 days 30%

Payment Timeout: After 30 days of the date of the original booking payment or balance of payment will be due in full regardless of whether the shoot has been completed or published unless the shoot has been delayed or postponed by BSP360 through no fault of the client.

Abortive Visit Fee: You must ensure your premises are ready to shoot on the shoot date and time specified. If we cannot commence the shoot at the specified time or the visit is aborted due to factors beyond BSP360’s control then an abortive site visit fee of £100 will be charged. It will also be necessary to reschedule the shoot and the ‘Payment Timeout’ clause will apply.

Re-shoot: £100 call out fee plus £10 per pano to re-shoot selective areas.

Privacy: The business is responsible for removing any sensitive or confidential material from the business prior to your shoot including customer information and personal effects. If not otherwise specified by the client, BSP360 will blur the faces of anybody present during the photo shoot, both staff and customers, along with vehicle license plates.

Copyright: BSP360 retains full image copyrights. BSP360 passes image rights to the client as well as Google in order to share and embed the virtual tour across all Google products, social media, websites and/or other Google platforms. Please enquire about usage outside of the Google ecosystem if needed.

Please note: Google can sometimes make necessary changes to the Google Maps infrastructure which can affect the virtual tours that we produce. Unfortunately this can result in errors with the virtual tour as well as any website embeds and overlays. Whilst this is not a common occurrence unfortunately BSP360 have no control over this and as a result cannot be held accountable. We will however work closely with our clients and do everything in our power to assist with any updates needed should this occur.

Updated 01/02/2016