Fullers Pubs – Check list for Google Virtual Tour Shoot

Now that we have scheduled a Google virtual tour photo shoot for your pub, below is a checklist to go through before the shoot. Please ensure that you go through the list and ensure all of the points are adhered to. The virtual tour of your pub will be online on Google Maps as well as the Fullers website for the next 3-4 years and we would obviously like to show off the pubs at their very best.

1. No date or event specific posters or decorations to be visible ie. Xmas, Valentines Day, Halloween etc.
2. Tables and bar counters cleared cleaned and set up for service (menus on tables etc.)
3. Coats, jackets, umbrellas cleared away (there are always a few left over from the night before)
4. Views through kitchen / service hatches to be clean and presentable.
5. Floors swept including the pavement outside the front door.
6. No rubbish bags to be visible anywhere in the walkthrough including the road outside the front door.
7. Pubs with gardens, clean tables, clean ashtrays and (if possible) umbrellas up.
8. All lights in the pub must be turned on including bar backs etc.
9. Doors to toilets, storerooms, kitchens etc. to be closed.
10. Pubs with rooms, and hotels, should ensure each room type (that is bookable by the
customer) is shot. If there are varying standards for the same room type (partial refurb, for example), both should be shot. Please ensure the room is clean, tidy, and the bed is perfectly made.

Please ensure that the pub is in tip top shape and all of the points above have been checked off at least 15 mins before the photographer arrives, this will avoid any delays and any need to re- shoot.

Please note that if you need to cancel or postpone the shoot for any reason, we require at least 24hrs notice. Should the photographer arrive at the pub on the agreed date and the photoshoot cannot go ahead due to the pub not being ready, or, if less than 24 hrs cancellation is given, a £100 cancellation fee will be applied and the shoot will have to be rescheduled.

1. Get creative with blackboards, write the pub’s Twitter name / Facebook link or even a note saying something along the lines of “To book a table call us on 012-345-6789”
2. Put up display boards at the entrance to function rooms saying “To book this function room call us on 012-345-6789”

Should you have any queries prior to the photoshoot, please do not hesitate to contact Bob on 07523465050

Bob Stapleton