Why not make your virtual tour images work for you on Facebook too?

You may be aware that Facebook now supports 360º Images. The images that we create for Google and Bespoke virtual tours can easily be tweaked so that they are Facebook ready. Below is a sample of one of our client’s 360 images being used in a Facebook post.

Whilst other posts on their Facebook page attract an average of 100 likes and just a handful of shares or comments within a very short period of time this post attracted over 1000 comments, 730 shares and almost 5000 likes or reactions.

We can’t be certain what it was that attracted more people to this post, it could have been that the image moves around automatically while looking at it on a phone or tablet prompting people to tap on it then comment, like and share with their contacts. Whatever it was, wouldn’t you like to see the same results for your business? Wouldn’t it be great to see that same level of interaction on your own business posts? If so, get in touch today to arrange a shoot or to convert your existing virtual tour to make it Facebook friendly.