Why not make your Google virtual tour images work for you on Facebook too?

Are you aware that Facebook now supports 360º Images? A few weeks ago we created a single 360 image for Homesense so that they could share it on their Facebook page. Once shared this image very quickly attracted over 1000 comments, 730 shares and almost 5000 likes or reactions.

You can see their original post here:

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Posted by HomeSense UK on Freitag, 7. April 2017

Other posts on the same page only get on average about 100 likes and just a handful of shares or comments. This shows a huge interest in the 360º Image post amongst their followers, so much so that Homesense are now factoring more 360 images into their marketing efforts.

We can’t be certain what it was that attracted more people to this post, it could have been that the image moves around while looking at it on a phone or tablet prompting people to tap on it then comment, like and share with their contacts. Whatever it was, wouldn’t you like to see the same results for your business? Wouldn’t it be great to see that level of interaction on your business posts.

If we have already done 360º photography of your business for your Google virtual tour it is a relatively simple process to get these images processed in a format that would work on Facebook and hopefully attract the same type of reactions from your followers and even gain you new followers through them sharing it with their friends.

The cost of re-formatting the images is as follows:

£20 for a single 360 image (select the best 360 view point in your virtual tour)
£30 for three images (select 3 view points that that can be used in different Facebook posts)
£40 for up to ten images and
£50 for the whole virtual tour regardless of the number of images (providing they all form part of the same shoot)

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